MiVia Essential app

The free MiVia Essential app is designed to work with the MiVia Essential wristband. It helps you accurately monitor your body’s fitness status during your daily routine.

Enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more active lifestyle with the MiVia Essential app as it tracks your daily goals and progress over time for steps, calories burned, distance covered, activities, sleep quality, health index, and much more.

Please download the MiVia Essential app from HERE.

NB: It can only be downloaded and installed on Android (AOS 5.0-8) devices.
Android runs on a wide range of device configurations, some features are not available on all devices. Therefore we can not guarantee compatibility with every Android Smartphone brand. 

  • Wirelessly sync your MiVia Essential wristband data to your mobile device
  • Auto-track your daily activities, including steps, calories burned, distance covered, active time, and sleep quality.
  • Calculate your health index via EKG heart rate measurement, showing your heart rate, physiological age, body stress, and energy values.
  • Breath training provides an interactive rhythmic breathing coach to help balance your body's life-support network — the autonomic nervous system.
  •  Smart push incoming calls, instant messages, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter, schedule, and Skype notifications from a mobile device to your MiVia Essential wristband.